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Hi Everyone I’ve been in a bit of a post-publication slump lately. Don’t get me wrong, finishing my novel, including editing, publication and post-publication promotion was an energy intensive, but exciting and ultimately rewarding process. I’ve also written some smaller pieces since the beginning of the year as well as trying to finish off aContinue reading “Re-energising”

Scene Breakdown

Hi Everyone How do you write a book? Today I’ll be talking you through the highly convoluted (and not necessarily recommended) writing process I went through to complete my debut novel ‘The Sentinel’. I’ve blogged about the process before (here and here) and today I’ll go into more detail. One of the tips I learntContinue reading “Scene Breakdown”

Writing the landscape

Hi Everyone In my debut novel, ‘The Sentinel’, I have a large array of characters. There is Kathleen Devine, the main character, whose decision to take up the Head Teacher’s position at ‘The Sentinel’ lightstation begins the story. There is the Head Lightkeeper and his wife, and the two Assistant Keepers and their families (withContinue reading “Writing the landscape”

Book clubs

Hi Everyone, Are you a member of a book club? I joined a book club just over a year ago and it’s been a lot of fun. We’ve read authors such as Marcus Clay, Alka Joshi, Tara June Winch and Amor Towles amongst others. Most times we discuss pre-set book club questions or make upContinue reading “Book clubs”

Why Write?

Hi Everyone, Have you seen the film that’s currently streaming on SBS Demand called ‘The Ideal Palace’? It’s a very moving film about loss but also, unbelievable creativity and amazing determination. It’s the true story of Ferdinand Cheval, a humble postman from Hauterives in France, who walked 35 kilometres 5 days a week for overContinue reading “Why Write?”

Sneak Peek

Which genre do you love to write in? Hi everyone, I’m curious if you’re a writer who sticks to one genre or someone who likes to dabble in multiple forms? I’m guilty of the latter. I say ‘guilty’ because I’m not sure that spreading myself over one, two, even three genres is a good thingContinue reading “Sneak Peek”

Writing: Your unique view.

Hi there! Today I’m exploring a part of the writer’s life that’s a bit more esoteric but absolutely essential. Writing can be a wonderful way to know yourself because it allows you to explore the deepest parts of you and to resolve questions you may have about life in all its complexities. And writing canContinue reading “Writing: Your unique view.”

What’s it like to indie-publish?(The highs, the lows & a couple of regrets)

Hello! Welcome to this week’s blog. I think the expression ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ must have been made for indie-publishing. In indie (or self-) publishing, the author becomes the publisher, taking responsibility for every element of the process. I decided to indie-publish my debut novel ‘The Sentinel’ and found myself in aContinue reading “What’s it like to indie-publish?(The highs, the lows & a couple of regrets)”


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