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La Flaneuse

Hi Everyone Today we’ll explore the concept of ‘La Flaneuse’. The term originates in the 19th Century with wealthy literary types, ie. rich men (Le Flaneur) who had the time and money to stroll the city streets observing and writing about the life they saw around them. The Flaneur is an urban explorer who inhabits,Continue reading “La Flaneuse”

The Psychology of Writing

Hi Everyone How’s your writing going? Flowing? Stuck? Plot holes? Invigorating? In its early stages, its final stages? No matter where you are in your writing journey there is a psychology to writing that can help or hinder your creative process. Let’s break it down. Writing is hard work. This is probably a truth universallyContinue reading “The Psychology of Writing”

Writing spaces

Hi Everyone Are you lucky enough to have a writing space of your very own? If you’re like me and share your home with multiple generations/people, it might be hard to find a dedicated writing place. You may have to find a corner of a table or perch on a chair by a sunny window,Continue reading “Writing spaces”

Make your writing POP!

Hi Everyone Have you ever had that feeling that your writing lacks a certain ‘something’? You have a great story and you’re dedicated to telling it. You’ve read up on how to write a book and have a structure you think will work. But you’re still not sure your writing has enough variety to keepContinue reading “Make your writing POP!”

Read the World

Hi Everyone, In today’s blog, we’re going travelling! We may not be able to travel physically but there’s nothing to stop our imaginations taking flight. To that end, I’ve put together some of my favourite travel-related novels and stories. I hope they might inspire you as the world teeters and give you hope for aContinue reading “Read the World”


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