Subscriber drive = bonus content

Hi Everyone, Today, something a bit different. I’m doing a subscriber drive! One of the best ways to help authors is to not only buy their books, but support their platforms as well. If you’re reading this, you’re already helping. My thanks to you all 🙏 And, if you haven’t, please like and subscribe toContinue reading “Subscriber drive = bonus content”

What’s it like to be a published author?

Hi Everyone Have you been working on the dream of publication? Today I’ll talk about the post-dream and what the journey’s been like since I published my debut novel. The journey to publication was hard but ultimately rewarding. It’s been a long-cherished dream and to see it realised has been incredible but that dream hasContinue reading “What’s it like to be a published author?”

Something’s better than nothing!

Hi Everyone In a busy world, how do you find the time to write? The luxury of time and space is afforded to very few; perhaps those talented/fortunate enough to win a writing space and/or time to write. For most of us, the reality of day-to-day work/family/responsibility that is life impacts our ability to write.Continue reading “Something’s better than nothing!”