5 Book Influences

You’ve most likely heard the term ‘social media influencers’ – those insta-celebrities who spruik various lifestyles/products – but what about the more subtle influence of an author or a book on a writing project? Today I’m focusing on the book influences that have helped me on the journey to ‘The Sentinel’s’ publication. Before I startContinue reading “5 Book Influences”

en[Vision]ing the Future

Have you ever used vision boards to set your writing goals? Confession time: I’ve never been a planner, probably to my detriment. I’m ‘dumb’ when it comes to SMART goals and I can’t stand the word ‘objective’ or ‘aim’. I like to think it’s the free-flowing, creative part of me, others call it the ‘disorganised’Continue reading “en[Vision]ing the Future”

Let the music in.

I’ve talked before of how I used The Guardian’s ‘How to write a novel in 30 days’ to help me frame the background research for my book, ‘The Sentinel’. The article suggested creating a playlist to help brainstorm ideas, or just to unblock when the ideas won’t come. https://www.theguardian.com/books/2012/oct/20/brainstorming-book-ideas I had a lot of funContinue reading “Let the music in.”

Let me introduce you to…

Greetings! I’m pleased to meet you and to welcome you here today. I, and my novel’s characters, are very happy that you could join us today to make your acquaintance, so why don’t we begin… Introducing…our main character, Miss Kathleen Devine. Miss Kathleen Devine is a consumate letter writer and it is this gift whichContinue reading “Let me introduce you to…”

Researching ‘The Sentinel’: Lighthouse visits

The Wilson’s Promontory Lighthouse is easily my favourite lighthouse, not only because it was a visit here nearly four years ago that gave me the idea for ‘The Sentinel’, but also because of the wonderfully dramatic landscape that surrounds it. The lighthouse itself is a prize – it takes a whole day to walk fromContinue reading “Researching ‘The Sentinel’: Lighthouse visits”

How I wrote ‘The Sentinel’

Part 2: Pre-writing After I found the Guardian article, ‘How to Write a Novel in 30 Days’, (which I talked about in an earlier blog post), I spent much more than 30 days actually working through the templates! I estimate it took me nearly a year to work through the structure, character development, timeline ofContinue reading “How I wrote ‘The Sentinel’”

Researching ‘The Sentinel’: Colonial dress

“You can tell a lot about a person by the clothes they wear”. So begins the article (below) by Damian McIntyre reporting for ABC Tasmania on the National Trusts’ treasure trove of gowns from the colonial era. When researching my novel, ‘The Sentinel’, I knew that understanding the clothing in which my characters dressed wasContinue reading “Researching ‘The Sentinel’: Colonial dress”