What’s it like to indie-publish?(The highs, the lows & a couple of regrets)

Hello! Welcome to this week’s blog. I think the expression ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ must have been made for indie-publishing. In indie (or self-) publishing, the author becomes the publisher, taking responsibility for every element of the process. I decided to indie-publish my debut novel ‘The Sentinel’ and found myself in aContinue reading “What’s it like to indie-publish?(The highs, the lows & a couple of regrets)”

How to research Historical Fiction

Hi Everyone Today’s blog comes to you from the middle of a snap lockdown. I hope wherever you are, you’re travelling well! In the lead up to the actual writing of ‘The Sentinel’, I spent many hours, days and weeks researching background facts for the novel. This blog post is going ‘behind-the-scenes’ to show youContinue reading “How to research Historical Fiction”

Something different!

Hello! Welcome to this week’s blog. Blog posts come out every Monday and you can follow me on Twitter (@GentleWrites), Insta (@jacqueline_anne_author) and on Facebook (@jacqueline.hodder.author) for more regular updates on my writing. Today I thought I’d share a guest blog post I wrote for ‘The Protagonist Speaks’ for something a little different. In theContinue reading “Something different!”

A day in the life of…

One of the main characters from my novel ‘The Sentinel’, Mr Frederick Johannsson, is the Head Lightkeeper at the lighthouse station. He is responsible for the 2nd and 3rd Assistant Lightkeepers and their families, as well as running the lighthouse and the lighthouse station. Let’s have a closer look at a typical day in theContinue reading “A day in the life of…”

It’s messy in here.

See this: This is what I wish my brain was like. When I’m creating though, it probably looks more like this: Except that person looks like they know where they’re going and I rarely do! I hate to admit it but the process of writing is a bit like me in the forest, looking forContinue reading “It’s messy in here.”