What’s your writing personality?

Hi Everyone, When you’re writing your masterpieces, how do you plan, edit and publish your work? Are you a pantser? A reviewer or an indie author? Or are you organised and plan using spreadsheets and Gantt charts? Do you revise once you’ve completed your work-in-progress and do you use agents or traditional publishers? As youContinue reading “What’s your writing personality?”

The Psychology of Writing

Hi Everyone How’s your writing going? Flowing? Stuck? Plot holes? Invigorating? In its early stages, its final stages? No matter where you are in your writing journey there is a psychology to writing that can help or hinder your creative process. Let’s break it down. Writing is hard work. This is probably a truth universallyContinue reading “The Psychology of Writing”

Author interview – with me!

Hi Everyone Recently I was a guest author on the ‘Hayley Walsh Author’ blog. Here’s a link to Hayley’s website https://www.hayleywalshauthor.com/ Hayley’s an Australian author and blogger and regularly interviews writers as well as reviews books and gives out helpful writing advice. It’s a fun experience being interviewed. It’s a chance to share my joysContinue reading “Author interview – with me!”

Subscriber drive = bonus content

Hi Everyone, Today, something a bit different. I’m doing a subscriber drive! One of the best ways to help authors is to not only buy their books, but support their platforms as well. If you’re reading this, you’re already helping. My thanks to you all 🙏 And, if you haven’t, please like and subscribe toContinue reading “Subscriber drive = bonus content”