Something’s better than nothing!

Hi Everyone In a busy world, how do you find the time to write? The luxury of time and space is afforded to very few; perhaps those talented/fortunate enough to win a writing space and/or time to write. For most of us, the reality of day-to-day work/family/responsibility that is life impacts our ability to write.Continue reading “Something’s better than nothing!”

What’s it like to indie-publish?(The highs, the lows & a couple of regrets)

Hello! Welcome to this week’s blog. I think the expression ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ must have been made for indie-publishing. In indie (or self-) publishing, the author becomes the publisher, taking responsibility for every element of the process. I decided to indie-publish my debut novel ‘The Sentinel’ and found myself in aContinue reading “What’s it like to indie-publish?(The highs, the lows & a couple of regrets)”

How to research Historical Fiction

Hi Everyone Today’s blog comes to you from the middle of a snap lockdown. I hope wherever you are, you’re travelling well! In the lead up to the actual writing of ‘The Sentinel’, I spent many hours, days and weeks researching background facts for the novel. This blog post is going ‘behind-the-scenes’ to show youContinue reading “How to research Historical Fiction”