It’s been a while since I posted. Life gets in the way but I hope you’ll enjoy this new blog post!

I’ve been working hard on a new novel. I’m really excited about this one. I’ll tell you some more about it in a little while, but first some news.

  1. I’m releasing a middle-grade novel on YouTube Kids here. It’s free for your 8 – 12 year olds to read. Once the book’s released on YouTube Kids, I’ll be launching it as an ebook. Stay tuned 🙂
  2. I’ve just finished a writer’s bootcamp run by the exceptionally talented Laurie Steed. You can find out more here. Every month, for 6 months, writers submit up to 2500 words of a work-in-progress and receive feedback from fellow writers as well as a professional critique from Laurie himself. I am finalising all the feedback on my new work at the moment and will then be submitting it to publishers. Fingers crossed and stay tuned for more information on this one 🙂
  3. Soon I’ll be leaving Australia to go on an extended holiday – something I’ve been planning for over 12 years. It’s very exciting but also a bit daunting. I’ll be using this blog to post pictures and impressions of the places I visit so, again, stay tuned for that!

The Lace Sisters

I’ve finished drafting my new novel, ‘The Lace Sisters’. As I said before, I’m super excited about my new work. So far, I’ve had some wonderful feedback and encouragement from the writers in my writer’s bootcamp. The story? Here’s a synopsis. I’ll give you all a little sneak preview in the weeks to come.

In the near future, Francesca discovers a secret that will change her life. Unravelling the secret though takes courage. Francesca must leave behind her home and all she loves in Nottingham, in the centre of England and travel to the other side of the world to a country just revealing itself after the Great Pandemic – Australia. There Francesca searches for the father she lost during this tragic time, and for the mother long since disappeared, presumed dead. What Francesca finds in this land of heat and drought though, is a renewed sense of who she is as she unravels the mystery of the past. Meanwhile, in 1930s Britain during the lead up to World War II, Mary Eley is making her own way in the world. It’s not easy for someone like her though, poor, saddled with two small children, and looking to make something of herself. Lucky for Mary, Henry Lacey needs a housekeeper and doesn’t think to ask questions. Can Mary hide the secret of who she is and where she’s come from? Can Francesca uncover the secrets of the past, long-held secrets which threaten to undo all that was ever known of the Lace Sisters?

Good to be back.

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