It’s messy in here.

See this:

This is what I wish my brain was like.

When I’m creating though, it probably looks more like this:

Except that person looks like they know where they’re going and I rarely do!

I hate to admit it but the process of writing is a bit like me in the forest, looking for a path, a light, something to help me get the hell out of there.

In some parlance, I’d be known as a ‘pantser’ but I don’t really like that term. I prefer wildly creative!

Or, really, it’s like disorganised chaos.

It’s not as if I don’t plan. I get to know my characters by writing biographies, physical descriptions, characteristics and character goals. I plot out my story using a story arc I learnt in a script writing course I did (I blogged about it here), I develop a comprehensive beginning, middle and end plot outline, and I do a scene by scene breakdown. I write a summary of each scene and put it on my wall. Then I work the scenes into chapters to find the structure for the novel.

Something happens in the in-between time though. The time from when I’ve done the background work to the finished product. I think it’s called editing.

Editing looks like this:

Editing = I’m never ready for it, it’s going to hurt, do I really have to do it, you mean I’ve got to TRAIN, it’ll take too long, and this is way too big for me.

I’ve learnt though how vital the editing process is. Editing takes the mass of work I’ve created from inside that messy brain, and shapes it into something that’s halfway decent. It’s the editing that makes my brain go from mush to magnificent.

I hate it but without it, my story would stay a pile of gloop.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into my (writer’s) brain.

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Until next time,

Happy creating,


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